Looking for most basic laptop possible


I am considering a laptop, likely for light web use only (Twitch, Youtube videos, Discord, web surfing). I assume that the most basic of laptops will provide these services. I would prefer Win10 and I would like to connect it to a 24" 1080p monitor. I don’t see a reason for dedicated gpu so I will likely stick with integrated.

No sound card.

My concerns are if a celeron processor would be enough, or should I get i3? Also, would 4GB RAM suffice?

Please give me your opinions.


Seems like your use cases describe the purpose of an entry level Surface.


I didn’t even consider that.

Edit - I just checked the price. Would a laptop not be cheaper?


Laptop because you need it to be mobile? or just looking for some all in one solution to cheaply connect to a monitor?


Mostly this. It might leave the house twice a year at most.

Zero gaming would be done on this system.


Something like a NUC would do you but it isn’t mobile at all:

Other than that, dell outlet! LoL you can get some pretty cheap laptops:



I have a Dell Inspiron 11 that fits your use case. Take a look at those.




Real talk though, the first thing I thought about was the super-mini computers that @GuardianX linked; tiny, does what you’re looking for, and relatively inexpensive even when compared to super-cheap laptops (provided you have some peripherals and a screen to connect them to).


I am now considering a Chromebook for my basic needs. I guess I could run the browser version of Discord on it.


I was going to suggest a Chromebook. Actually i am! Those things are freaking fast and good.

This is the one i used for a few months. Its on sale @ Amazon right now.

For what you described, i use my Nexus 7 tablet. That tablet is a freaking beast!!


Pretty sure this is the exact model which I ordered. It will be delivered tomorrow.


let me know how it is, was thinking of getting one.