Looking for my first mechanical keyboard


So I’m looking at delving into my first mechanical keyboard. I don’t really know much about it, but have been doing my research. Right now it’s come down to two boards. MK Disco or Ducky One. They both are ten key less and have RGB back lighting. I would like a smaller model if possible without function keys, but I really like the portability of the backlite keys these boards offer. The Ducky One comes with Cherry MX Switches which are the standard, but the MK Disco comes with KBT Switches which, from what I understand, are better.

Keyboard Project

@Bradum sold me on Das keyboards and I must say, they are amazing.

I have this one, which is the compact and blank key version (for super elite mode):

I think he has the larger version which has some extra controls:



I concur; Das Keyboards are great products if you’re not interested in function keys and just want a solid mechanical keyboard. I don’t know offhand if they have RGB or how big a selling point that is for you.


I really looking for backlite keyboards. I would like it without function keys of number pad if possible. My new game station is centered around the LEDs, which will be posted in the next couple days just restoring a futon.


So the real question then becomes are you decided on RGB or is a backlight keyboard sufficient. Most of the major players in peripherals don’t combine RGB with tiny keyboards because they’re each a pretty niche market, so the overlap isn’t going to be very high at all. The options you have posted above might be some of the only options available, honestly.


I really like both of them, I was wondering if anyone had any input on the brands.


Never even heard of them before today.


Corsair Gaming STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Backlit Multicolor LED, Cherry MX BLUE

Currently using the above keyboard, and loving it. Solid keyboard all around.


Almost pulled the trigger on this keyboard. Next wave I’m going to get it for sure.


That looks particularly retro stylish.


Needs a little more yellowish-tint to get that retro look. Way too white and clean.


Haha, that takes time! You have to build up your own keyboard gunk and plastic yellowing.


This looks sexy. I might have to pick one of those up, though I have way too many mechanical keyboards I don’t use.


Personally, I’d take the K70 (non-RGB) over the Strafe. And Amazon has a hell of a deal on one for $109 (usually a more expensive keyboard than the strafe).

You may like the RGB ones, but they made a few changes to the lettering and other such things to make it look more “gamer” which I’m not a fan of.

But of course… I’d recommend the DasKeyboard 4 Ultimate over them all. They’re just by far the best mechanical keyboards.


I am team Das as well.


My personal favorite:

Although i cant nock team Das. I dont own one, but i cannot ever say i’ve met someone whos used one that has ever complained. And i liked the one i’ve sampled.

The above Its my daily driver. I have the brown switches, wish i’d of gone with blue though. Brown just isnt sensitive enough for me to feel the keypresses. The louder keystrokes wouldnt of bothered me. The 3 thumbkeys are a godsend, and i make use of the easyshift functions and excellent macro capabilities it offers.

It is TKL just like you like along with backlighting. Mind you backlighting is kind of a gimick. Its cool at first, but owning corsair, logitech, roccat, razer, mechanical keyboards all with backlighting, each and everyone has had LEDs go out in less than a years time frame. theres nothing worse than having missing LEDs. Now, warranty wise, each one will cost me 30 bucks to send back to get another since you have to pay one way shipping regardless the company. Will i ship a keyboard for repalcement for 30 bucks within the first year? Nope definetly not. You ask why? After testing 4 different brands and experienced the same behavior in all 4, i dont expect an exchange to last any longer.

So for what its worth, if you do get a backlit keyboard, make sure you ok with a LED or 2 going out within a year, and either living with it, or paying 30 bucks for replacement and rolling dice on how long that one will last.

I’ve also used numerous switches, and i cant say a favor one over the other. Switch colors yup, blues my favorite, but brands i just dont care, nor have i noticed any difference… well, i have to mention it, not the biggest razer fan, but their switches just feel amazing, not sure what it is about them, but they are nice.


My experience with my first mechanical keyboard.
Except I had red switches instead of blue… Now I’ll only get blue.

While I’m personally not a fan of the gamer looking keyboards, I have heard very good things about the quality of Roccat products.


This is really what I’m looking for @senNish. I wanted one that was RGB backlit though. I really like how clean it is.


Using this one and I’m loving it ( yes I know it’s not quite ten keyless but it’s close enough in size for me.


Roccat quality is definetly the best i’ve seen in awhile. I own their best headset, the roccat kone XTD mouse (best mouse i’ve ever touched btw, i was surprised, my first roccat purchase), roccat MK TKL Pro keyboard, roccat arvo keyboard and roccat nyth mouse. Only products i’ve ever had from them i wasnt a fan of, was their cloth mats (their old ones anyway) that didnt have sewn edges, just like any of these if there not sewn they end up pealing, they’ve sent me 3 free ones though as replacements :).

I wouldnt hesitate to purchase another one of their products. Their 3 thumbster keys has saved me in FPS and MMO games, by far one of my favorite features in a keyboard and now i cant use one without them. And your right, blue all the way. Honestly i didnt think i’d like them, but its the only way to go imo.

The roccat arvo is also a great TKL but its not mechanical.