Looking for ps4 friends

Sup guys, I’m Jared. Danceburgerdance is my best friend IRL. I’m just looking for more peeps to play the games I have with me. I mostly play Dragon Age, NBA2K15, Destiny, and Diablo 3. Feel free to add me, just mention you’re from strats in the invite. My psn is j-rodmcawesome.


Edited OP title to remove homophobic slur.


Welcome to Strats! I hope to play a few of those titles myself in the coming new year. Happy to have you with us.

Hi Jared welcome to Strats!

what was the slur? PM if need be!

Finally, part of the crew!

Welcome! Be sure to check the Destiny intro post.

I would edit it, but I can’t. Welcome to Strats (Read First!)

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You’ve come to the right place :smile:

You can edit titles, your a Regular burger

@Droul took care of it.

Welcome to the Dark side brother

I meant Dynamible’s post to get that edit with what he said

Oh I see! He was trying to edit my post to include the Destiny intro for me. Thanks burgers lol

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