Looking for Social Media strategists


Hello Strategists,

I’m looking for some highly trusted individuals that might be interested in keeping out social profiles more active. We need to be regularly sharing the great posts, accomplishments, and events that our awesome community puts out there.

If you’re interested, please reply here. This is a :moneybag: :no_entry_sign: non-paying gig right now, sorry. You do, however, get to be the voice of our social profiles.


I know I am one of the newer members around here but I’d definitely be willing to help out. Not sure if you had any requirements and such.

I am familiar with how all of this stuff works however… I’ve done a lot of game community projects in the past.


I have a degree in Marketing and have done social media promotions for small businesses and would love to volunteer to help Strats grow!


Unfortunately none of us are the required trust level.


I guess we have to wait to be a certain trust level :pensive:

I’ve managed social media for a college, student radio station, and smaller organizations. Social media is my thing lol.


Regarding trust level, I think it’s fair to say that being an active member here for a while should be required before receiving the usernames and passwords to our various social accounts.


I totally understand. I would be the same way too :grinning:


Oh gosh, I’m all over the Twitterz. Although, you’d likely have me talking to myself to generate chatter (I may or may not have done that while running the @canuckshockey Twitter account).

And yes… I’m a Canucks fan.


Not sure if y’all decided to go in a different direction, or if it no one actually tossed their hat in, but was just looking at social and noticed some definite opportunity still exists on the three medium. Beyond more regularly interacting with the community outside of Strats in an effort to grow our internal community base, there’s definitely a space to showcase what people are up to!

Anywho, just curious… I do think there’s an opportunity to be had here.


Opportunity still stands, for sure. The only issue was that no one with Trust 3 stepped up and this requires giving out our password (in the case of Twitter, since they don’t have user role support).


I have 59 Facebook friends and 50 Twitter followers. Most people would consider that a troll account. Do you really want me as director of the social medias? :hankey:


While I would normally recommend Hootsuite, it does cost some cash. So how about using TweetDeck instead? https://support.twitter.com/articles/20171753

And I understand that I’m no longer on Trust level 3, but if I get back there I’d be happy to help where I can.