Looking for Strategic Heisters



Masivemurder and I are Payday 2 players and have been since early on (He even has the skull mask). We have both been avid stealth players, though we are frustrated with the severely increased difficulty that Death Wish has wrought upon us all. We have only one issue. We are two guys of a possible four,and our other friend isn’t on nearly as much as we’d like.

So, here’s where Strategy & Co. comes in. Are there any of you guys that actively play Payday 2 that would want to join Masivemurder and I in robbing Washington D.C. dry? If you are, let me know.

(Vocino takes precedence <3)


I’ve never played PayDay but I’m down to give it a shot.


I’m probably a bit late to the party but I’m always down for some heistery. I’ve got ~230 hours logged in game so far and usually play on Overkill but i’m willing to play on any difficulty, with players of any experience level. I just love playing the game lol. So if you guys need one more, lemme know. Steam ID is WrongGear.


I really like playing Mastermind. I love controlling a crowd. Walking into the middle of Four Stores and shooting the revolver into the air. I had it modded for maximum loudness. Fear.

My problem is my 2 year old has a bad habit of starting up my game when I’m in the shower and resetting my character to level 1. Happened three times already.


@teh_ninjaneer One thing you might try doing is backing up your save data like once a week or so in case that happens. When you paste the backup back in Steam’ll give you a message about the cloud save being out of sync with your local save. You’ll want to tell it you want to use the local save and Steam’ll resync itself from there.


Yes, it does tell you it’s out of sync. But the problem I found is that when you tell it you don’t want to use the local save, you’re screwed.

Which is what my child did this last time.

He’s tried many times to reset me and I’ve recovered using your method before, but this last time didn’t seem to work.

But I can’t be mad at the guy. Who doesn’t want a 2-year-old gamer buddy to mold into the perfect wingman.