Looking into getting this video card. But should I?


There’s the link, can anyone verify that this card is any good? I mean, I was thinking about springing for the 4gb card, but I don’t know if I really need that kind of power or if it’s just overkill.

Any help would be appreciated, and feel free to post other suggestions.

Note: I don’t use AMD :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the card I’m using, it works amazingly well for me.


What games do you run on what quality? I’m looking for almost ultra quality on almost everything if I can. Which was why it’s between that card, and this one I think:


if you want 60 fps at 1080p consistently the 970 is the way to go.


No such thing as overkill.


I run every game on ultra, WoW, PS2, League, everything.


To be fair, I run just about every game I play on ultra and I have a 670 (looking to upgrade soon). A 970 shouldn’t have any issue.


Thanks for the feedback guys! I’ll probably breakdown and get the 970 lol


might as well just get 2 :slight_smile: