Looking to build a new pc


I haven’t built a pc in quite a long time. I’ve been putting a list of parts together just based on what looks alright and has good amazon reviews. Here is what I have so far.




video card



If all of this looks ok, how big do I need to go on the power supply?


I’ve got a similar cpu and motherboard and they’ve been great. Personally, I like to have an SSD with the OS and essential programs on it and a large HDD for the other programs/games, and pictures that I don’t want windows to crash off my drive (though that kind of thing hasn’t happened in years). just a suggestion, looks good to me :smile:


What is your budget, and what are you looking to do with it?

The one thing I can say right now is that I would avoid AMD CPUs. This is not because their performance per dollar is lower than Intel, but because with that socket they have zero high end offerings… If you go Intel and want to upgrade a bit down the road, you can get a better CPU without being forced to buy a new motherboard (and potentially new RAM) as well. However, if you’re certain that you won’t want to upgrade your CPU in the next two years or so, that one should do you just fine relative to an equivalent Intel.


Here’s what I have to say on the CPU https://youtu.be/r7n8VywwDHI?t=458
other than that I think it’s solid. You might be able to get a nice 970 from Ebay for almost the same amount though.


Your lack of sound card disturbs me.


Good speakers aren’t in my budget so a sound card will have to wait until then.


yea, I’ve had an 8350 for a few years without any issues, plan on having it for a good while longer without actually needing anything better. Apparently there’s not a huge difference between the 8350 and the 8370


You need a true gaming sound card because game sounds are more super explosiony!


I’ll stick with the Sound Blaster gaming sound card for half the price!



I deliberately tried to find the most expensive sound card there is though!


Did you even read the info about my card?

  • Gold plated connections for the best possible audio signal!

  • A signal to noise ratio or SNR of 116dB means your audio will be >99.99% pure audio which is 34.4 times better than motherboard audio!

  • The quad-core Sound Core3D audio processor is to designed to offload SBX Pro Studio and CrystalVoice effects processing from your primary CPU, improving your overall PC performance, resulting in drastically superior audio and voice quality!

I told you guys it was important to offload sound from the CPU!

Edit - tagging @tommy2118 so he will know to offload sound from CPU


@teh_ninjaneer I’m sold. I’ll add a sound card on my next upgrade. :smile: