Looking to play with others

Hi all recently joined Strats, haven’t posted much, never partook in a forum. Anyway looking to play destiny with others or team. I am on ps4, a level 26 hunter, with a preference for hand cannon and scout rifle as prime, and fusion as secondary. don’t think I am very good, but always have a gardians back. I live in Texas mainly available b/t 2p and 8p central Mon-Fri, weekends are if-y. I am easy going and a team player. A team would be cool, but really just looking to be able to invite or be invited and just jump in and play for a while, nothing serious.
Any way good night, and happy shooting.

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Welcome! Is this kind of an intro thread? If so put some information about yourself😁

Feel free to add me CEvans321 is my psn. Always nice to have another guardian near the pacific time zone.

Awesome, will do, thanks

Hit up the list of PSN names thread and add everyone. After that start jumping into the PSN party chats people set up. Lastly the best way I’ve found to meet everyone is posting here on the forums.

Second lastly check out the raid team posts.


Thank, will do

There is a lot of names, is there an easy way to put them all in at once.

@tommy2118 says > “You can use the Sony PSN App1 on the iPhone. Makes typing a bit easier.”

Also if you can find someone that has already added them all is look at their profile on PSN, and click and add friend on each one. Saves you from typing at least. Don’t forget to add Strats as a comment so everyone doesn’t think you are some random stranger.

Thanks, Ill do that. Have a great day

Def add “Strats” in the comment section. See ya around.

psn = tycatte

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yeah I was thinking I should mention something about Strats, if not I could come of a little strange friending out of nowhere.

Thanks have a great day, Ill hit you up too. I really need to get some good strategy going, hope to learn a lot. Just so I am clear tycatte is your psn username, right.

Right, that is for PSN.

Click on where it says “Destiny Name Swap Playstation” either below or to the right to get the old posting of usernames.
It’s a thread that really should be locked to the top.


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Awesome, thanks again

Done. I agree it needed to be pinned. :smirk: