Looking to raid

So let me know if this is in the wrong place. Basically looking to find out the best way to raid with you guys. Should I just post in the already established teams as a back up? I have yet to complete it but it’s mainly due to not having the people to run with. I have a broad understanding of stage one through five but can research the tactics if needed. Level 28 (almost 29 if I can get six more shards) hunter with more than enough gear to not get in the way. Thanks in advance!

Guardian Down is looking for a primary member currently. When can you play?

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Usually on after 6pm pacific time and all weekend.

Hiya, would you be available to raid tonight 8-10pm EST? Team Bravo is looking for 1 more tonight.

Bah didn’t see the email notification. I’m usually on most nights and finally finished the raid on my characters this week but anytime after Tuesday if love an invite. Haven’t done it on hard yet. Feel free to shoot me an invite if you see me on!