Looking to Trade Calcinium Daggers



I’m sitting on about 500+ Calcinium ingots. Anyone interested in trading daggers? I’m currently level 41 in Blacksmithing.

We don’t really have to meet up to trade since the trade slots are just as annoying as the mail attachment slots (5). Trading is slightly easier since you don’t have to type a name but I’m cool either way.

If you’re interested in trading, post here and I’ll make them up and send them tonight.


I can probably do more. Don’t have nearly that many but I have some.


If you mail me what you have, I will send them back later tonight. Just note how many you’ve created, if possible.

If you want to wait until we can trade, that’s cool too, let’s set up a time.


Im at work so I’ll have to wait till tonight.


Same here! We are so cool with our Real Life™


I can remote in with TeamViewer but I cant move at all. Just chat and invite people and stuff.


I should set up ESO on my MacBook Pro.


I put it on my work laptop but cant connect through the network at the office.