Loot boxes aren't gambling - ESRB


Following @Auth’s thread about Activision:

It’s interesting to note that the ESRB just decided to officially come out about loot boxes not being gambling.


Yeah but that whole theory falls apart with one statement.
“Trading card games are gambling.”


I feel like people are spending way too much time trying to define gambling, and not enough time on what we are (as a society) trying to accomplish.

The whole point of regulating gambling is to prevent companies encouraging unhealthy behavior (ecouraging addictive behaviour/taking advantage of people with addictive behaviour) in order to maximize proft.
So we shouldn’t be asking “is this the same as gambling”, but instead “do we feel we need to regulate this to protect our society?”

Personally, I think anything that helps put a stop to this bastardization of the gaming industry is a good thing… But that’s simply my opinion.


Well, this would be more like “regulation” rather than regulation. It’s ESRB, which is more like an opted-in industry run agreement at self-policing. It can be just as shit as the MPAA though, for example.

I think if the ESRB wants to put “contains loot gambling” on the box, I’m perfectly happy with that. I don’t think it will hurt sales in the same way that M ratings don’t.