Loot Crate January: INVASION



The next Loot Crate is INVASION! Go to lootcrate.com/strats to get yours, use code STRATS to save 10%!

With exclusive items from The X-Files, Alien, The Fifth Element and Space Invaders, plus some classic sci-fi goodies, we can tell you this: the Loot is out there!

This month features a shirt and a plush you can’t find anywhere else, plus three other exclusives.

Six items, five exclusive, plus a new style of pin that comes with bonus content! It’s… unworldly.

Post your unboxings here: https://forum.strats.co/c/gear/unboxing

Guide to making awesome Loot Crate unboxing videos:

  1. Show crate so the Loot Crate logo is on display, announce that you’re going to do your monthly Loot Crate unboxing
  1. Explain that Loot Crate is a service where they deliver geeky and gamer goodies right to your door. Every crate is packed with items worth over $40, and each month has a theme.
  1. This month’s theme is: COMBAT!
  1. If you want your own Loot Crate, go to LootCrate.com/strats, and you can use strats to save 10%
  1. Unbox the Loot Crate
  1. Show items to the audience first, then to yourself
  1. Talk about your favorite items
  1. Highlight any exclusive items
  1. At the end of your unboxing, mention your favorite item
  1. Remind the audience that they can get their Loot Crate by visiting LootCrate.com/strats, and that they can save 10% by using strats