Loot Crate November: COMBAT



Punch! The next Loot Crate is COMBAT themed. Go to lootcrate.com/strats to get yours, use code STRATS to save 10%!

The November crate also has items from Fallout 4, Blizzard, Capcom and Hunger Games, which is totally worth mentioning. There will also be two collectible figures this month, and I cannot wait for you to check them out because they are awesome!


Post your unboxings here: https://forum.strats.co/c/gear/unboxing

Guide to making awesome Loot Crate unboxing videos:

  1. Show crate so the Loot Crate logo is on display, announce that you’re going to do your monthly Loot Crate unboxing
  1. Explain that Loot Crate is a service where they deliver geeky and gamer goodies right to your door. Every crate is packed with items worth over $40, and each month has a theme.
  1. This month’s theme is: COMBAT!
  1. If you want your own Loot Crate, go to LootCrate.com/strats, and you can use strats to save 10%
  1. Unbox the Loot Crate
  1. Show items to the audience first, then to yourself
  1. Talk about your favorite items
  1. Highlight any exclusive items
  1. At the end of your unboxing, mention your favorite item
  1. Remind the audience that they can get their Loot Crate by visiting LootCrate.com/strats, and that they can save 10% by using strats


This will be my first month getting loot! I can’t wait! I might have to do two vids though as I think I get the lvl up loot separately? Can anyone confirm this? Hopefully the t-shirt fits!

Edit: I’m surprised I don’t seen any mortal kombat in those pictures :frowning:


As long as you gave them the right size when you signed up it’ll be fine; they run a hiccup small, in my experience, but they’re not off by a full size or anything :wink:


I decided to go XXL instead of XL because I figured I could shrink it if need be. lol. I’m usually just an XL. I think I should be perfect then. I think I read they usually ship around the end of the month right?


They stop accepting orders on the 19th of each month and start shipping shortly thereafter.


Oh ok, thanks. Wish I would have done it sooner to get Oct. Oh well.


Combat… so like… a whole crate filled with Dota 2 swag. If not i’m gonna be so disappoint.


I have a feeling I’m going to be getting stuff I dont even understand. lol


If any of you tell my wife that I just signed up for loot crate because of this post, you’ll be dead to me. Dead to me!

But much like @ducksauce88, I too feel like I’m going to be getting stuff I don’t even understand.


of all the things in that mega create, I think i want that amazon echo the most. lol


Hmmm… anyone know if the Echo understands Canadian? Worried the letter U could be cumbersome. And will it be able to grab me a double double or a two four if I ask?


Lol. Maaaaannnn I don’t know what the hell you just said.


And if you can’t, how the heck can I hope that the Echo will understand me either?


Not sure if someone else confirmed already, but I can confirm this is true. I get my Crate on or around the 20th and I get my LevelUp about a week later.


I got alot of stuff that I didn’t like(because I didn’t know what it was), but this one thing made it worth while for me!


Does it bobble?


Yes, and the box was brilliant.


Mine gets delivered to work, so I get to open it Monday. :smiley:


I also got an attack of the Titan t shirt. No clue what the fuck that is. If I don’t understand next month’s shit I’m going to drop it like a bad habit.