Lost Ark: MMO/ARPG to keep your eyes on


Lost Ark is a Korean MMO/ARPG currently in beta. That normally wouldn’t be a blip on my radar, but for a few factors:

  • when I see it being played, it looks amazing, and seems like gameplay is really fluid
  • some well-regarded gamer folks are really excited from having played it.

Toward both points, these videos. Both are from Arekkz. The first is his (and a buddy’s) thoughts after their first handful of hours in the beta. The second is much deeper into the beta, where he’s nearly hit max level. He specifically mentions a) grinding and b) cash shop concerns in the second. He also touts something really important to me: everything is highly polished.

I’ll definitely be checking in on this one as it continues development.


I’m keeping my eye on it. But, no English patch atm and needing somebody in Korea to verify your account have become big roadblocks for me. The other problem is that Korean devs like to run beta for a long, long time. So, I don’t see a western beta opening up until maybe summer/fall 2019.


Korean MMORPGs scare me. This one may be different but I haven’t had an experience with them yet where it didn’t feel like insane grinding.


i’ve been watching this one for a while. looks amazing.