Lots of good info in this update from Trion


This part may be of particular interest to those of you who moved over to Enla from Salphira.

Another thing that we’d like to make sure everyone knows – If you’ve already used up all six of your sets of Founder’s items, and if that’s what’s holding you back from trying out a new server, or if you just want one extra set to put on one of your existing characters, you can go to the account page at http://archeage.trionworlds.com/ and do this yourself!
This option went up last Friday, and you’re welcome to it whether or not you’ve had any issues. Look for the option up top that contains the words Founder’s Pack – Bonus and enjoy with our compliments. Do remember that you can only do this one time!
Even on top of the above bonuses, we are continuing to look into ways to make sure that everyone’s made good for their troubles during this launch.

And they go on to say in the update that those connection problems we were having yesterday were DDOS attacks.

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Thank you for the post and call to our attention.


What does it give? The items or the chests ttoo?