Lovely Lady from ATX


Hey everyone my name is Kaidence, my in game name is KaidenceLovely. I’m new to BDO well to be honest i’m new to MMORPG games in general. So it may be a Learning curve for me, im eager to learn whatever your willing to teach.

I’m open to playing all sorts of games so if you have any suggestions i’m all ears.

Just a few tid bits about me :
I live in Austin
I have two cats
I’m 22
I’m married
I can be shy at first but give me some time and ill come around.
I cuss maybe more than some would like so just let me know and ill tone it down.

Thanks ! :smile_cat:


Welcome @Kaidence!! You can fnd all things BDO here hop on mumble and we will get you a guild invite!! :slight_smile:


Hey lady! Thanks for giving Strats a shot, I’m sure you will both enjoy the group. :slight_smile: See you in game soon!


Welcome aboard!! Glad to have you join us :smiley:


Welcome! I’m shy too, its cool :slight_smile: I’m loving BDO too, I think the great thing is it has something for everyone really. Personally i’m loving the crafting (i get quite lost in it), but the combat is sooo much fun too.


Welcome to our little slice of crazy. Hope you fit in okay :smiley:


Hey hey, Lauren and I are in Austin too (right off Barton Springs). Texas will take the majority!
Welcome aboard.


I think we already have it, but there’s no reason not to press the advantage :wink:

Also, welcome to the party! BDO has a pretty impressive learning curve even for MMO enthusiasts, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice or help from your fellow Strategists (most of them don’t bite). Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Welcome to the :strats_green: party. I actually think we may be out of punch & pie. Probably reason to cuss more. :wink:


Thanks for all the warm welcomes can’t wait to meet you all in game. :kissing_heart:


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to Strats!


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