Lucky finds tonight!

Today I got my first legendary primary in a strike (a pulse rifle), which was nice.

But then… I’m at the tower afterwards, turning in two completed bounties, just some random clean up, when I got this as a bounty reward! Character page on Destiny DB here.


So jealous of you tonight. Lol.

Finished that story mission where you get a legendary and an ascendant shard, then we get to the tower and you walk away with the exotic bounty, lol. Nice finds, hopefully some luck heads my way.

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Yeah, I felt a little bad that pretty much nothing else dropped for anyone. But it’s hard to feel too bad with an exotic waiting.

The cryptarch mailed me a love letter with an exotic sniper rifle in it tonight! I’ll never have to reload again!


That luck though! You can’t get a much more optimal sniper rifle.

M89Rose got this earlier and it is sooooo sweet. And I’m soooooo jealous!

Very nice! It’s so much fun getting exotic stuff somewhat randomly like that.