Lyteforce has Twitch Affiliation in his sights!

Continuing the discussion from And now, something for our non-partnered streamers!:

Years back, when I was looking into what it took to put together a solid Twitch stream, I stumbled on Strats :strats_green:. And while I never actually got around to putting together a solid Twitch stream, I really enjoyed the community and decided to stick around. I tossed my ambition to be the next greatest thing to hit Twitch & simply embraced the scrub life.

Sure, I fired up Twitch from time-to-time. And yes, I did try to make a recurring thing an actual thing for a bit. Yet I simply embraced my scrubbiness and didn’t pay too much attention to the growth of my stream, or the fostering of a community that might want to hang out.

So what does this all have to do with that conversation I’m trying to continue? Well it’s this - I’ve decided that the path to affiliate is open and I think I might be able to make it.


You see, I decided to take a glance at my stats last night and noticed that I’m relatively close to getting what needs to be done to become an affiliate (big ups to @Philspaz for being follower 50). Simply playing around with different streaming solutions (some that worked, some that did not) helped me get most of the early “achievements” down and has me pretty darn close to Like clockwork leaving me just one more thing to notch a check mark against.

It’s just that little, itsy-bitsy thing is not so itsy-bitsy:

The catch.

Until now, I’ve simply fired up the stream when it so inspired me and left it at that. I had no schedule, no consistency and really paid little attention to what might draw someone in, let alone anything sticky to keep them around. And that’s actually the easy stuff for me to sort out. Some of the challenges I foresee (and not a complete list - there are more I don’t see) in looking to achieve this goal are, in no particular order:

  • Figuring out how to vocalize my thoughts & speak to a stream that doesn’t speak back.
  • Creating a stream schedule & being able to fulfill it.
  • Creating a draw that gets the viewers to stop by.
  • Creating the stickiness that gets a viewer to stick around.
  • Creating a reason for a viewer to come back again.

All small things, right?

Anywho, I simply wanted to share this goal with y’all and ask for your support. I’m not looking for you to jump into my stream & stick around - I hope to get you to organically do that if you so choose - I’m just hoping that you can offer any advice & support while I focus on this journey.

If you see me slacking, hold me accountable. If you see something I do well, let me know. And better yet, if you want to join me on this journey yourself, that would be wicked cool too. I think the more of us out there representing Strats on the path to affiliation would be cool!

So can you lend a scrub a helping hand?

UPDATE: So after setting a casual goal to complete the Path to Affiliate achievement by Babyforce’s 1st birthday in April, it seems I was a wee bit conservative in the estimate of time I’d need:




I am quite good at pointing out the flaws of others.


And for good measure, I thought I would share the illustrious list of Strats Stream Team members who have reached that Affiliate plateau:

I want to be part of that list. That’s the goal. :wink:


I don’t know if there is some magic formula to achieve that Twitch affiliate status other than just broadcasting. I assume it would help to pick a game which has few streamers and starting with that.

I just scanned the Hearthstone directory and at this moment there are about 140 streamers with 3 or less viewers.

Find a niche game that people want to watch. Or bribe your friends to sit in your channel.

Bribery might be the easier path as I don’t want this to be my equivalent to gold in the Yukon (analogy FTW). I’m pretty routine in what I play (Hearthstone & Overwatch here on the PC) and know that it’s a very crowded field. I’m okay with that.

Keep on keepin’ on, friend! Congrats.

I just set my notifications so I’ll know when you go online. At the least I can lurk in there. :wink:


That’s a good idea. Do we need a lurker party of some kind for all of us?

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I’m slowly getting there. As many have predicted (here & everywhere), the toughest part is the three concurrent viewers:



How would a lurker party actually work?

I guess it might be cheating or something but I could simply leave your streams open during the day while I’m at the office.

If enough people did that consistently for each other, there you go.

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Yeah, I do this for a few people.

How should we set it up? Maybe in the Lounge, instead?

I’m not currently a regular. I need to get my patreon pledge back up. Had to cut a lot of expenses when I was sick.





Time for a membership drive

Now I continue doing what I’m doing & wait for the email invitation to arrive at some unknown point in the future.

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