Macari's Introduction


Hello guys my name is Macari (IGN)

I was born in Japan, Aichi prefecture and living here at the moment. I studied at international schools my whole life and graduated from university in Canada, BC. Now I am working in Japan, Tokyo area. I started playing Albion Online not too long ago and enjoying it a lot! I played a lot of games before coming to Tokyo to work because I had a medium tower (PC) and it was glorious. Used to play FFXIV, Aion, DFO, dofus, wakfu, Lol, HoN, CS - all the way up to GO, WOW, NBA 2K, Madden NFL gameboy, gamecube etc.


Welcome to Strats!


Welcome to the show.


Welcome to Strats! You said you used to have a medium tower. What kind of pc do you have now?


Welcome! I got your message on Discord but I wasn’t able to reply. I kept getting an error. Glad you found your way here though!


Welcome aboard!


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