Made Myself a Nice Overlay for a coming stream

Planning to stream the Sexy Brutale in the future and decided to work on a nice little overlay for it what do you think? I like the simple aesthetic while fusing it with parts the art of the game to make it feel more tailored to the stream itself.


Nicely done, shout out to the Strats logo :slight_smile:


I like it! I’ve had a few overlays like this but I tend to use them for que screens or load screens as far as segways. Overlays during gameplay can make the screen crowded (as i’ve been told by viewers).

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Good points @James_Dillon. One caveat is if your game view is not 16:9 then you face the eternal question of whether or not to stream native or form it.

For example, I try to use a very minimal bounding to ensure the game is by far the most prominent element while transforming the 21:9 aspect ratio of my ultrawide to a stream player friendly 16:9.