Magic the gathering help


Help! I’m new to magic! Have paid to play singleton but don’t have a deck that qualifies, have no idea how to build one, tried importing but link didn’t work. Can anyone explain how I can play? Thanks



Hey mate, welcome to the party! The Singleton format requires that you have a deck with no duplicate cards except basic lands, and since any reasonable standard Magic deck wants duplicates of important cards to really pop off, you wouldn’t have one available to you in Arena unless you’d made it yourself. I haven’t played Arena in a bit, so the last Singleton deck build I did may not be valid anymore (you can find it here, for reference) as I don’t know if they’ve cycled any of the cards out of play as the newer sets have come out.

The tricky part of making your own is figuring out how to build a working deck without duplicate cards. Best advice for putting your first one together is to focus on creatures with 3 or less converted mana cost for the most part and stick to no more than 2 colors. Boros (red/white) is a great combination to start out with, IMO, because you can throw in some bonus life gain for sustain and direct damage for creature removal or killing blows. @stHeretic has played more recently than me and might have some insight into the current meta if he’s around.

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