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I don’t have just a ton of experience with “Magic” but I was talked into starting it back up recently and don’t want to buy tons of cards. I’ve got a commander deck based on this and 99 lands and then I’m slowly going to build on to that with possibly only red. Thoughts?


Paging @Smasher225, @Fyrefly21.


You will die ^^ But seriously going for only 1 card and trying to spam lands with red is never a good idea :wink:

If you want to spam land and just overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers go green. For burst go red, for dot and instakills go black, for def go white, for trickster go blue :wink:


Ah mono red the joy that is my soul. There are multiple ways you can build mono red for commander depending in what you want to do and how competitive you are. If you’re looking for a quick and easy mono red commander deck, the daretti scrap servant commander 2014 deck is a very good starting point. If you are looking for a competitive, very strong, Purphoros, God of the Forge, is a great aggro commander thay can kill all of your opponents at the same time. This makes yourself a threat and you will be focused but if you can do your thing you can easily out race them. Daretti is a fun commander to build around if you don’t want to buy the pre built one, building a deck centred around artifacts or use Bosh, Iron Golem (yes he’s a mono red commander despite being a colourless artifact creature). Umbrask (red phyrexian preator) is a haste giving machine for any aggressive strategy. Who could also forget the best two tribes for mono red, goblins and dragons. Goblins is a deck that with the right commander (forget his name but he has tap add x goblins where x is the number of goblins you have) you can spawn a horde of 1/1’s to overpower your opponent and dragons well who doesn’t love playing dragons (providing there is a legendary red dragon). Ashling can make for some fun elemental synergies that you could have some really fun with. It’s best to find a commander you want and build and play what you want for the commander environment. There are close to 600 potential commanders so you have to keep yourself alive or kill everyone before they kill you so plan your strategy around that. If you want to have a conversation about magic message me and we can set something up. As the raid team and @Fyrefly21 can say my mind is always on mtg.

Having reread your original post, the deck you have is slow which can work for one shotting someone but not for a full game of mtg against 3 other people. There is enough cheap cards out there making a fun tribal deck should cost maybe 60 bucks at most. Working with 40 lands getting common and uncommon spells and shadowmoor elementals along with a few dollar Rares the deck will let you use ashling’s ability along with making you survive what your opponents are doing. You can easily play the long game with ashling if you can get the cards to survive the early game :slight_smile:

If you want a cheap deck to buy check out the budget mtg on YouTube for their purphoros deck. All cards under a dollar is their moto so it won’t be expensive. Lots of cards to buy but they are cheap :slight_smile:


awesome, thanks for the replies! I’ve always really liked red and don’t want to get super serious, just play people at the local card shop. Basically, someone let me play with one of their old commander decks and I beat them with it; that got me interested again… Yeah, the deck as it stands is pretty weak against my friend’s decks, but I figure it was a starting point, if it doesn’t look like I can make something of it with more cards, I’ll probably do a different commander, but no one does red here and I love it.


It’s a starting point but you can make a fun ashling deck, note you can activate the ability more than 3 times a turn so if you every have enough mana (infinite mana should be achievable) and you have more life than your opponents you can kill them and not yourself. Or force a massive draw lol.


yea, 40 life is alot to go through so I’d have to survive long enough for this to work, and even then, if they have cards with destroy creature, you’re pretty much at they’re mercy… which there is non… ever. :smile:


Oh bro there is much to learn in the ways of the mtg. Of you give me a week I’ll do some research and get you a budget ashling deck together :slight_smile: protection can be your biggest friend and it works in mysterious ways. You can protect your commander by making it indestructible or by making something a bigger threat :slight_smile: it will work trust me we can build you a deck you want to play.


that’s freakin awesome man, there’s so much you can do in this game it’s insane


There is and in commander you can do whatever you want.


EDH/Commander is one of the easiest formats to get into cost-wise and one of the most complicated in terms of gameplay because of the diversity of cards; my Sliver Overlord deck awaits you :wink:


Once gatewatch comes out the silver golem wants a word with you.


He’s welcome to hang out, but the fetch on Overlord is too strong to ever replace him as my commander in that deck :wink:


Oh I’m talking about karn lol I’m building myself a karn deck when gatewatch drops because I’ll have basic lands for the deck.


A friend of mine plays an OG Karn Commander and it’s pretty nasty. My Overlord is good but not always fast enough in heads-up because I refuse to spend over $1000 on getting the proper lands for it; if I need to play more competitively in a 1v1, I break out Kaalia :wink:


or post a picture.


It’s ok we will teach you. Magic is my life I spend most of my work day browsing mtg subreddits



Lol the tcg or the video game? I’m actually getting back into the game and starting to pick up the tcg


I play it all… Tcg, tcg online and the “real” Pokemon games…

If ya need some guidance er help making a deck hit me up… Lolz