Make 20 Gold a Day with a Farmers Workstation

Make 20 Gold a Day with a Farmers Workstation - I show you step by step how…

Greetings Fellow Farmers!

Yes, you can make 20 gold a day by simply completing the HEARTY MEAL quest using your Farmers Workstation. Completing the quest rewards you 5 gold plus an archaic container with either one nui tear or one gilda star or some bugira coins(which you sell to any merchant for gold) plus 50 vocation badges. Now here is the fun part: if you have an alt character that is level 20 or higher they can also complete the quest as well by simply having/mailing to them the necessary goods and that alt can use the same Farmers Workstation to create the quest. So with one main character and three alternate characters all creating and completing the same quest you are rewarded with 5 gold x 4 = 20 Gold. Wow Fantastic!

Here is a simple guide on how to do it:

You will find the daily quest under the quest tab once you open the Farmers Workstation. To create the quest you need to have 50 Rice, 25 Garlic, 15 Cultivated Ginseng, and 5 Raw Chicken. It will process your ingredients into a Hearty Meal which you open to reveal the quest that you turn in at any Auctioneer to complete. So to complete the quest daily for all 4 characters you need 200 Rice, 100 Garlic, 60 Cultivated Ginseng and 20 Raw Chicken each day.

To be able to grow and harvest all of that yourself(which I do) you will need at least 2 16x16 farms. I currently grow my crops
on 3 16x16 farms. Starting out you can work with one 16x16 farm and one 8x8, you just may need to buy some of the crops like Rice or Garlic.

  1. The first step is to build and put down 4 Bamboo Chicken Coops(under Handicraft - Contraptions tab - need 20 Bamboo for each one) which need a constant supply of 5 chicks(8 silver each), 5 Barley, and enough Bamboo(usually 2) to repair the coop after each harvest. Each harvest will yield about 6 Raw Chicken and 8 Chicken meat, which means you can use the extra Chicken Meat and sell the excess Raw Chicken on the Auction House if you want.

  2. The second step is to create about 7 Rice Seed Bundles and 4 Garlic Seed Bundles and plant them.
    You can tell by now that one 16x16 farm is just not big enough to do all of this, however, starting out, if you scale it in half for only one or two characters, one 16x16 farm, would be enough to do 4 Rice Seed Bundles, 2 Garlic Seed Bundles and 2 Bamboo Chicken Coops.

  3. The third step is to plant about 18-20 Cultivated Ginseng Seed. You should be able to plant the Cultivated Ginseng in the small gaps in between the Seed Bundles that you have planted or this is perfect for an 8x8 farm where you can plant about 8 Ginseng in the small gaps in between 4 Tree seedlings or 4 Cows or any 4 Seed Bundles you put down on an 8x8 farm. Growing some Bamboo on that 8x8 farm is a good idea as you will need it to repair the Chicken Coop or for fishing poles as well. The Ginseng will take the Longest time to harvest, at just over a day, so plan carefully.

  4. The fourth step is Harvest time, my favorite, gather it all up and enjoy all the excess stuff like Bait Worms, Polished Rice, etc.

  5. The fifth step is to Mail the correct amount of goods to each alt character: 50 Rice, 25 Garlic, 15 Ginseng and 5 Raw Chicken.

  6. The sixth step is to log on to each character, pick up the goods at the mailbox first, then go to your Farmers Workstation to create the quest. Remember each character has to be above level 20 to complete each quest and it is a Daily quest, meaning it does have a built in timer that will only work ONCE per day. Now enjoy the 5 gold…and the bonus item.

Additional tips:
Rice is usually cheap on the Auction House so you can buy it instead of growing it if you are lacking the farm space.
Remember to occasionally mix in One Barley Seed Bundle as you will need Barley for the hungry Chickens.
I realize that getting all 4 characters above level 20 will take some time but as you can see, it is worth it.

I hope this guide helps you,
If you ever need help look for LOZRO in game.

Have Fun,
Farmer Lozro