Making a program accessible via the internet


Hey guys,

I’ve got a program on my home computer that I want to put in a location that I can reach via the internet somehow to be able to tweak when needed. I’ve looked into hosted solutions, but most of them are for business and enterprise solutions, and are really, really damn expensive.

I looked into doing a remote connection, but it seems like if you leave that open on your computer, you basically leave the door unlocked to your computer to just have anyone come in randomly.

I’m not opposed to paying a monthly fee for such a service, but I basically want a balance between two worlds: something that is inexpensive to run/manage on my own, can be on as much as possible, and can be accessed anywhere I have internet, while still being secure.

Anyone know of anything like this?


Use “team viewer” brah


Thank you! I’ll take a look at it. I appreciate it.


Remote desktop google chrome?


That’s what I was going to suggest. The most simple solution by far.


Thank you both. I’ll look into that as well.


Love it. I actually use it almost on a regular basis. Got the App on my phone as well and it works great via phone or tablet.


All about Google Remote Desktop. I use it all the time from work to home to both my pc and Mac. can even us iOS and android devices to access all the computers you have listed.

It also allows me to “work from home” :wink:


Your solution!


Hands down the most simple solution. I got it up on my computer and on my phone. Now just trying to figure out why I cannot install it on my browser at work. It’s actually showing as “already installed” and i don’t know how to make it know that even though I’m signed in, it’s a different browser in a different location.