Mansion pics

Someone posted pictures of his guild building a mansion.
I noticed in one of the pics of the construction process that it takes a MASSIVE amount of resources to build a mansion.

100 Stone Packs
20 Iron Packs
50 Lumber Packs

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Edited your post to include the link on its own like so that we can see the images.

nice, thanks.

Very cool! I actually own the game, but have yet to delve into it. What do you think of it? Do you guys ever head over to the other continent and raise hell? I’m really into the “open world” pvp features of MMO’s, if they have it, and this game looks like it would be a blast. If that’s something you guys are into then I may have to fire it up and give it the old college try.

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I love this game.
The open world aspects go far beyond most recent MMOs with the addition of Ships and the ability to sail the open seas and attack other players ships and even steal their tradegoods for profit. I would seriously suggest giving this game a try.

The class building aspect grabbed my attention in the early levels and then the open sandbox nature of the game pulled me in.

Guess what my next project is going to be.

To hit 50? ZING

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44 today! 2 levels a day from crafting ill get there:)

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Yeah, I saw this too. It’s really not that much assuming each guild member chips in a pack or two.

But still. Shiiiiiiiit.

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I want one for our guild…


It’s official we must make mad moneys for that. 21 of them…