Many Combolations, Strats!

Hello everyone. I just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I’m Shane Riley, a web developer and lifetime gamer. I started playing PC games 28 years ago on an IBM PS/2 model 25. All of the games were written in BASIC, and most had syntax errors that I had to learn to fix in order to run them. That got me interested in programming, which eventually led me to my current career.

I mostly play solo games, but talk about games a lot in the community. I’ve got a collection of around 70 systems and close to 1,000 games. I stream games once in a while on Twitch when I have a large enough block of time, but that never seems to fall within a regular schedule.

I’m on Twitter and NintendoAge as shaneriley, and Twitch as shaneplaysgames. I also play Minecraft on occasion as shaneriley. I tend to know more about games for older systems, with my modern gaming knowledge falling into the indie level.

Looking forward to talking with everyone about all things gaming related!


Hi Shane welcome to Strats! That’s an impressive gaming background and collection. What is your most “prized possession” in your many systems and games?

Welcome aboard! And thanks for increasing our pool of old-school gamers. Droul and I aren’t alone lol.

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Yoohoo Nubs, when’s my next Evolve fix coming out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m not normally the type to pick favorites since my mood changes, but i can give you a few interesting items:

  • The Singer Izek sewing machine set complete with VHS tape (which I still need to record and upload to YouTube for Frank Cifaldi to archive)
  • Cheetahmen: The Creation (
  • Terranigma repro CIB from Timewalk Games just before they shut down
  • Famicom edition Gameboy Advance SP

I’m focusing on collecting NA release Nintendo handheld variants at the moment. I think I added 5 in the past month. I also completed my NES Pi custom system, which I still need to take some good photos of to post everywhere. That’s not exactly a piece of gaming history, but is still prized.

Woah you have a copy of Cheetahmen? Impressive!

I didn’t recognize the sewing machine but after looking it up I am blown away at something like this. You use a Gameboy with this? What a strange and unique idea.

Was the Famicom SP released outside of Japan? I remember the NES version of the SP but not the Famicom colors

I think there was a EUR version of the Famicom SP, but we never got it. I also have the NES GBA SP and the Famicom Game Boy Micro. I’m a sucker for the anniversary ones.

Yeah, the sewing machine comes with a teal Game Boy Color (full boxed retail version) and a cart with the sewing machine app on it. You hook it up via the link cable and choose predefined patterns to tell it to automatically sew. You can also type a limited number of characters in and have it embroider. I haven’t set it up yet, primarily because I haven’t used a sewing machine in almost 20 years.

Welcome to the Dark side brother…

Here’s a photo of that sewing machine. It’s not as out there as the knitting machine that Nintendo had demoed at an industry convention that would connect to a Nintendo, but it’s the weirdest thing that made it to the consumer.


welcome! I hope we have lots of good conversations here!

Welcome to Strats!!!

Welcome! c:

Glad to have you, Shane. I noticed your Starbound stuff before I saw the intro so I’m really excited to know another Starbound player. I played Terraria for a while, and loved Starbound, but it was too early to get into it. It’s been a while, so I might have to boot in and see what has changed.

Looking forward to seeing you around.

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