Many thanks to

Just wanted to say thanks to @macguyver, @DanceBurgerDance, @spectrum21, @Dynamible, @JohnOnTheRocks, and one other who I can’t remember; sorry, thanks for getting me through my first Raid. Had a blast, let’s do it again soon.


@shermomba or something like that. He came at the end though. You did a great job man! We had a lot of fun and beat it in the end.


You know what I just thought of. That 5th chest that just vanished, maybe it’s not necessarily preventing the Templar from teleporting but making it there on time.

I wonder if there are more chests that disappear in the Vault…

(I think it was this run where the chest disappeared right?)


Yes it was, it disappeared when two of us were sitting on it, and was unopened. We should test your theory later. I’ll be on after 2p CDT, maybe we can get another team together, it is a new week and all.