March Madness...erm, in video games: What are you looking forward to now?


What are you guys looking forward to purchasing in the coming months? Is it Bloodborne? Final Fantasy Type-0? Other stuff? In the typical early-year slump, not that many good games come out. Some gems do shine if released after the holiday season; off the top of my head, I remember Mass Effect 2 being one of them. This year hasn’t seen that diamond, and so we are off to see the next releases soon. I guess we will have to wait till E3…

What games are you looking forward to now?


This is looking real good to me atm! Getting very excited for release.


Seconded, @ghosthog!

Bloodborne all the way. :smiley: I can’t wait to stream it.


Let’s see. I’ve got Borderlands the handsome collection dropping on the 24th…the MLB The Show 15 drops a week later. Next aaa release will then be The Witcher 3 in May. Oh and Planetside 2 whenever they get around to it. :smiley:


Man, I am sorry I missed this thread Pitt. I’m looking forward to a few things this Spring. Of course, like some have mentioned Bloodborne is the tip top of the list. March 31st PSN is releasing Axiom Verge, which looks pretty fun for a weekend. Titan Souls is another strangely interesting game releasing on the PSN in April along with Shovel Knight, something I am dying to play. I am seriously considering Mortal Kombat X… but I don’t know, I’m terrible at fighting games. To end out the Spring, like Droul mentioned there’s Witcher 3.

Beyond that I’ll be getting Elder Scrolls Online I’m pretty sure. I guess it depends if I can find some people to play it with seriously. If not, maybe I’ll get around to playing Final Fantasy 14 before it’s next expansion. I’m sure there are some FF14 communities out there looking for more players.


I’m getting back into ESO tomorrow when it goes free.