Marinople Beach head established

Brothers and Sisters,
I came across some luck today in my wandering. 2 8x8 plots with a nice view of the river (1 wide and 2 deep for an 8x16). I placed 2 workstations. to reserve the land. I built one and will turn that into a mini house with chest bed etc. the other is just as land holder til I can recover the small farm in Solzreed that we are storing pack on atm.

Once complete we will have a chest and small farm next to each other in another good Trade pack location.



Great work Dulinn.

Awesome scouting!!

WOOT WOOT nice work on getting some Beach Front Property

I can move the 8x8 I placed in Halcyona if you want. Just let me know.

Farm is active, the easiest way to find the place is go out the East Gate and cross the bridge. it is the first thing on the left. There is a lemon tree and 2 trade packs on it.