Marvel Heroes - melee/ranged hybrid

For the Marvel Heroes players we have, I’m curious about your thoughts on hybrid characters.

For example, Gambit. He has both physical and energy damage, as well as melee and ranged attacks. I’m not as concerned about hybrid damage types, since there are several items and uniques to support a physical/energy Gambit.

But is there any reason to play a melee/ranged hybrid Gambit, or any hero? Right now I am playing my Gambit melee-only. I really don’t see the reason or benefit to having both melee and ranged on your character, since I don’t know of any gear that supports both types.

I’m asking this because Iceman will be released soon and I believe he will be a melee/ranged hybrid.

Well, I think the only reason may be for a “pull” just to initiate the fight with a group, but it’s not really necessary. Other than that I would just say it’s because the player likes to have both melee and ranged abilities and isn’t worried about losing power overall.

That’s pretty much my reasoning. Most characters have some sort of gap-closer to get in the fight or a method to jump back and stun or slow whatever is in their face.

Other than having a high Fighting score, I just don’t know what would help you be good at both melee and ranged.

I think I’ll continue building my characters to be one or the other.

Can flying characters actually fly yet?

Yes the heroes have some general method of getting around the map quickly.

Flying characters… fly. Cyclops and Ghost Rider can hop on their trusty motorcycles. Captain America can run really fast. The magic users, and tech guys like Cable and Deadpool, can teleport.