Marvel Heroes update for Age of Ultron movie



Marvel Heroes is receiving an update today to promote the new movie which comes out next Friday.

All the Avengers roster of the cinematic universe (Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor) are available in the starter hero lineup. Also, these heroes have a 50% exp boost.

The patrol zones will also have Ultron bots to fight.

If you ever thought about trying Marvel Heroes, looks like this week is a good time to pick an Avenger and get a jump on leveling.


Great game even without all this newy goodness


I see @Majordomo in that game all the time when I log onto Steam.
He got me into last summer when we were waiting for Archeage to launch but it just didn’t grab me.


I still play when I can. June 4th is going to be a huge update. Worth looking into it. Dr doom will be playable now:)


He’s alive! :wink:


I see that Thing is finally getting his update. It’s taken 2 years but all of the original heroes are almost finished. I guess Deadpool and Cable are the only ones left?


Yeah i am alive:D Finally got a normal schedule so ill be around! Had to take a little break and focus on work is all.

Edit: Deadpool is next and then cable. Still have to fix little things etc with all heroes but they are making progress. Ant-man, War Machine, kitty pride are the next to be released after Dr Doom. They are adding the danger room soon as well and if anyone is to start playing/return June 4th and for i think all of that month there will be super events/boosts etc going on for the anniversary of the game.


Just skimmed over the changes coming to the game, specifically the Colossus updates (he’s my only max level character). Looks really good on paper. I’ll be interested to get in the game once this is live and try him out again since I build him for high defense in order to maintain his armor.