Marvel Heroes

Anyone else play Marvel Heroes at all?
I’ve been picking it up again lately and it’s pretty fun, might be looking for a couple people to run around and destroy stuff with.

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I love all things Marvel… Sell me brother. Why should I pick this one up? Inquiring minds want to know.


@Majordomo and I think @DracoIsmenium used to play it a lot.

I play it off and on. I won’t play Destiny in front of my son. He’s 4 and I don’t want him to have Omnigul-shaped nightmares. So when he’s up and I need a video game fix, Marvel Heroes is my go-to. I’ve got 5 or 6 level 60s, and I’m working on getting my stable up to 30 for the XP gains.

Tommy, it’s a mindless ARPG romp-fest with a Marvel skin. There are like 40 or 50 characters you can play as and collect. It’s very grindy, and it’s free to play with micro-transactions. There’s a story mode which is pretty good, and many different challenge modes and a few raids. It’s solo-able for sure, but having people to chat with is nice. It’s a niche game, and scratches my Marvel itch pretty well.

This makes a game for me. I really like playing with other people. If there are a few people interested in playing casually I would consider playing as well.

Because not only is gameplay pretty fun, the story is surprisingly coherent, and you get to play as your favorite Marvel Characters, even a few of the less popular heroes, and a few villains.

Oh, and did I mention, it’s F2P on Steam.

I hit the download button earlier today. I’ll have to check it out.

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This is a game I log on to at least once a month. Every once in a while I get the bug and I play steady for a week or two. My 2 year old loves it and calls it “Trouble”. No idea where he got that term for the game. He also buys heroes for me when I turn my back. Because of that, I own all but 2-3 of the heroes.

The only hero I have at max level is Colossus. I got him to 60 then started playing others. He has terrible gear and hasn’t even stepped into a raid yet.

However, Iceman will be coming out around March 1, so that might get me back into the game.

I had no idea you were a Marvelite! The lead man on the game is David Brevik, which if you are a fan of Diablo 1 & 2, he’s that guy. Each hero has skill trees similar to the talent trees from D1&2.

The game was released in summer of 2013 and was initially kind of bare. The original story was written by Brian Michael Bendis and has you beating up a host of baddies and Doctor Doom at the end. Since release, Gazillion has added a lot of content and their community manager has taken over the story writing duties (and he does a decent job in my opinion).

In the beginning the game was more MMOish with sort-of class roles (it was clearly defined who was a tank, who was primarily DPS, etc). Heroes were separated into three armor levels, damage output was based on your armor type, and those high-damage heroes were also the “dodge based” heroes.

Last winter they started making a shift to homogenize all the heroes in preparation of introducing raids into the game. Now everyone is relatively equal in armor/defense rating but some heroes (Colossus, Juggernaut, Hulk) have mechanics to absorb extra damage. All heroes are able to provide at least one raid buff so they will be useful.

The original 26-ish heroes have been/are being reworked to match the current skill tree style while new heroes are still being introduced whom already adhere to the new style. This creates a bit of a disparity between old and new which should finally be complete by May-June. All the while Gazillion has reworked enemy HP and hero damage output at least twice, I think.

The game is easily soloable. There is some group content, and as I mentioned previously the game has the first-ever raids in an ARPG. But Diablo-style raiding is still throwing massive amounts of DPS around. There are no tanks or healers. The point of an ARPG is damage and survivability. You have to decide to what degree of each you want. The point of the raid is to have just enough survivability to live thru each big attack, then maximize DPS.

My problem is I prefer more survivability. I don’t mind killing a few seconds slower if it means I have a more enjoyable experience. But my style has little place in ARPG.

And that’s my opinion on Marvel Heroes.

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You just moved this up on my list. I might have found a Monday night streamer…

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Actually, I have not found a lot of streamers for the game. DegenTP streams nightly and he’s the only full-time Marvel Heroes streamer that I’m aware of. Any others that I have found stream the game maybe 1-2 days a week.

I believe the proper term is “True Believer”


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Marvelite is an acceptable term as well!

And for anyone interested, here is the hero roster. The newest hero, Venom, who was released right before Christmas seems to be absent.


Nice, thanks for the link.

I’ve been playing Doctor Strange mostly (Because he’s always been one of my favorites)
and I think I have Cable at lvl 20.

I don’t have any capped heroes yet.

Is there a link to available characters? For the lazy (aka me).

Edit: I found it thanks @teh_ninjaneer

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I posted a link to the hero roster a couple posts above.


My Marvel Heroes acct name and Steam name is Arkamedeez if anyone wants to add me.

Got a ton of 60s and a silver surfer fill legendary

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