Mass Effect: Andromeda



It’s not coming out until this time next year but hey, there’s a new teaser:

Here’s the E3 trailer:

Mass Effect is one of my favorite universes in gaming so I’m super hyped about it.

It’s not going to follow the original trilogy’s story but instead it’s more like an alternate universe.


More Mass Effect is pretty sweet.




So this looks like it might be showing when Humanity first found the citadel and all the other races, which would be pretty sweet. I know in the other games they always talked about how humans were new to the galactic scene.


Except it was narrated by Commander Shepherd.


true but this is only a teaser. It was all clips of early space travel.


I really wish they would do a full remaster release of the original trilogy for current gen. Dec 2016 is too far away.


We’ll just have to wait and see. I’m fine with anything mass effect though. I just want more.


Same here.


I should play through the series again sometime.


I’ve said that a few times but it’s hard to get through. Mass Effect 1 feels a bit dated but there are some graphics mods for it. What’s really missing is the cover system.