Mass Effect Trilogy


ON Sale @ Origin for $14.99 = mine now.

[EDIT] Now, minus exclusives, my old PS3 library is on my PC!!


I want a Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered for PS4 so bad.


I’m really really hoping as we get closer to Mass Effect 4 this will happen. It’s been years since I’ve got to enjoy the first two. They were so fun damn it


Still nope, because fuck Origin.


What do you know of Origin that I do not?


The EULA gives them permission to basically monitor what you’re doing on your computer, even when the program isn’t running. Also EA. Did I mention it’s nigh impossible to fully uninstall too?

Speaking of PS4 bundles, how about the SW Battlefront one!

Oh really
[EDIT] Well humph… what to do




Well… I guess they know I’ve been neglecting my computer.


Sadly, I do like some EA games, but I made a commitment to myself to not install Origin on my gaming PC after the last reformat; I’ve succeeded so far. The acquisition of a PS4 has made it a lot easier for me as I just got BF4 on it rather than PC. If I get Hardline, the situation will likely be the same. I just don’t understand the mentality behind it and, perhaps, they’ve corrected it at some point since my boycott started several years ago, but they burned the bridge a bit too hard with me, and I’m stubborn as a mule (just ask @PreshusKitty ;)).


EA are playing catch up with Origin against Valve with Steam. Unfortunately, they’ve chosen lock in, heavy DRM, and forcing gamers into mutually exclusive agreements rather than designing a better product.

Speaking of PS4 bundles, how about the SW Battlefront one!

May I suggest, @Vocino, an additional category for Deals?

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Not a bad idea.