Massdrop 1080 Ti


I’ve seen a few people wanting to buy cards in Discord conversations. Pretty sure @Zharick for one.

Anyway, here’s a thing:


I’m not finding it on the massdrop site, everything gpu related is either expired or inactive.


Looks like it’s inactive now but you can sign up to request.

Does this link work to request:


yep, that worked


I signed up to get notifed. If it turns out to be a good deal I think it might be worth the upgrade.


Just keep in mind, when you use Massdrop, expect massive shipping delays. It’s not going to be quick like Newegg, Amazon, etc. Sure you can get some good deals, but they place the order with the manufacturer, have them ship to a central location, then they ship them out to the individuals.

I’ve personally used massdrop before without any issues; just be aware of the not so speedy shipping.

Outside of that, as of late I have heard of some complaints about their support (or lack thereof)… I’ve not experienced it, but I’ve also not used them recently.

Only mentioning this because I know 1080ti cards are not cheap, and I want people to know what to expect when they use a service like this.


That is great context @NVS_1, thanks! For this type of purchase I think I’d be ok with shipping delays. My current 1080 works fine for what I play so if the discount is decent I’m willing to wait for it.