Master Craftsmen



My goal is to have a list master craftsmen who are specializing in a specific craft. That is to say, you are researching all the traits and putting the maximum amount of points into the 3 primary skills for creation, improvement, and deconstruction.

From this list, members can easily direct message crafters to get things made.

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@tommy2118 Blacksmith; Enchantment


Tommy, i’ll start chunking as much of the enchantment stuff int eh bank that i can find. I’ve seriously been carrying about 25 glyphs on me cause i dont want sell them or break them myself (really dont need the skill gains). you should find a ton of em in the bank!


@BonzOmega, I’ve given up being a Clothier on my main so I have a bunch of materials I’m going to deposit in the guild bank tonight.


Good Deal! Thanks @BonzOmega!


If you guys are online today, bug the other people to come post their specialties here.


Blacksmith, Clothier, Woodworker, Enchanter

Mr Ice Guy = Jack of all Trades… cept for alchemy and food… aint nobodyz got time fo that nonsense


You’re really mastering all 4 of those? You’re getting all the skillpoints for all of those?


I’m a Clothier and Woodworker.


At level 22 now and everything is as maxed as it can be. I’ve put every skill point I get first into a crafting skill line that can be added or upgraded. Unfortunately I’ve had to rely on other players to level the character through the story.


I’m a Blacksmith, level 26 so far

As of now I can craft up to VR5 gear and I have all of the motifs except for Nord and the rare ones.


@iamkrillin for Blacksmith and Woodworking


Vocino, you may want to check, the other day i couldn’t withdraw anything out of the bank…didnt want to cry about it or anything didnt know if we had it on lockdown for any reason lol


@Shazarae for All Trades


@BonzOmega, I pulled the glyphs. Thanks again.


Vocino, change my tag to @Shazarae, not @Shazare. I know, it’s confusing. Some bastard stole my name from me in beta.


@Vocino I looked at the spreadsheet again and really it would be an over complication and redundancy to the list you have built on the top of this thread. The only suggestion I would add is, add some flair to the name if someone has fully leveled the skill. This would show us are true Master Craftsmen.


@senNish: I’m maxing out clothing and woodworking. Got most traits in bow right now, only missing two.


See ya in a month when you get that done.