Master of Orion Enters Early Access on Steam



#A Classic Franchise Returns
If you’re not old enough to remember this amazing 4x strategy game, you should feel blessed and excited to have an opportunity to play a reimagining of it on current-gen technology; if you are old enough and got to play the first two (I don’t like to talk about the 3rd), you probably need to change your pants. I’ll wait :wink:

I can’t count the number of hours this series took from me on my family’s old Power Mac, but I am beyond pumped to see it back (and looking better than ever). For the uninitiated:

##You choose one of 11 major races
Previous iterations of the game included custom race creation as well; they’re not in yet, but they’re coming. Also yet-to-be-implemented are the minor races (which will add even more options). Each race has unique traits that affect different aspects of gameplay, allowing you to custom-tailor your experience.

##Make political dealings
Keeping your friends close and your enemies closer is extremely important as you’re vying or control of the galaxy. Technology exchange, treaties, the Galactic Council, and even racial bias are just some of the things you have to look forward to.

##Strategic planning and tactical decision making
Aside from the tactics inherent in multi-ship combat, fleet and ship customization from the chassis down to the individual modules and weapons lend itself to all manner of play style, strategy, and counter-play.

##Try to win
Aside from just killing everyone else off, there are other victory conditions available (including some that aren’t in yet but mentioned in a dev post earlier today).

Master of Orion has some huge talent involved and (for once) I feel like the collector’s edition (the only version currently available) is an awesome buy: for $50, you get the full game (including early access right now), the previous 3 games in the franchise, and a bonus playable race along with a few other typical things like a digital artbook and soundtrack. I’m certain the game (at least the multiplayer side of the house) in its current state is a bit buggy. That said, the game only just went early access today, but already has had an open letter from the dev team posted responding to community feedback thus far and a small hotfix. I believe this company and game both have a ton of potential (and a franchise with a pretty damn good track record) and cannot wait to see how this thing continues to develop.


I just played a round in singleplayer, its nice and for early access I found about no bugs, except for some typos and a graphical glitch here and there.

I think it has the potential to be a good or even a great game, but right now the balance is kinda off. I was really lazy and didnt even try to colonize many planets, I just got me some key positions and by that I governd effectively half of the galaxy with only 12 planets or so. The AI on the other hand never got more than 5 planets and even without being involved in any wars and enough space to settle they were far behind me in tech and fleets.

So in short, it is a fun game with a lot potential but way to easy at the moment and the tech tree seems a little unbalanced. On the other hands there are also a lot of features that arent even in the game yet, so I am really looking foward to seeing it finished.

If you are a aan of the series, I would say you can buy it straight away. If you are a little sceptical buy it after everything is added in and the small issues are ironed out, but it is defenitley a game to look forward too.


I haven’t even messed with the new game yet, I straight dove into a game of MoO 2 last night as soon as it was downloaded :wink:


OMG!!! Must get. Played the second one some, and got 3 on release (to my disappointment). I love me some space civ type games.


You and everyone else :wink:

This game is going to scratch my nostalgia itch (MoO 2 was one of my favorite games of all time), my 4x itch (since I didn’t get Civ Beyond Earth) and my Sins of a Solar Empire itch (while I wait for what is believed to be a sequel in development).