Matchmaking woes



@Lewes17 and I have had trouble with matchmaking on Evolve on PS4 as of late. We’ll sit in an empty lobby for several minutes until the game decides that “you’ve waited enough time, lets just start” when there’s only 3 people in the lobby at that time. For Evactuation, its even worse. The game will eventually fill up with humans a couple of minutes after the Hunt starts, but its frustrating that we cant even bring together five people to play a match in a respectable amount of time.

Is this a sign of things to come (read: Titanfall a mere couple of months after release)? I feel like a doomsayer for uttering it, but it may be true. Where are all the people playing evolve?


I’ve been reading some of the same news about Evolve lately. It’s not looking good and I’m not sure why.


Not good to hear. I didn’t play Titanfall, but I see similarities with Evolve. I haven’t got to play Evolve in over a week so I can’t give any personal experience, I hope this is just matchmaking issues and not a low player base. If there is a player base issue than this really clips my excitement for video games in the future.

Why should I bother getting excited for something that is forced to sink by other gamers? Why should I pay for a game that dies within a few weeks after launch? Should I just stick to single player games now instead of trying to find something to play online with people?

I feel like im almost being held hostage with some online games.


The thing to me about the whole situation is it’s such a singularly-focused game with minimal variance; there’s no longevity that I can see in the title, which was a primary reason I dodged it in favor of Shadow Realms (RIP in peace)


I think it’s more like an intense type of moba. Hopefully this gets addressed somehow. Also, load times in general can be real slow. [edited to remove a redundant “more”]

I think it would be real fun with a whole group of us if we can figure out a good time for most.


I think your right. You are really able to go after the enemy team or jungle and get bonuses. I think it could stay relevant with the right marketing and addition of characters.