Mature MMO Gamer?


If you want me to be.

Coincidentally, don’t google “Mature MMO Gamer” at work trying to find the ad that was specifically tailored to you based on your recently viewed Youtube videos.


I’m clicking that button as hard as I can. Nothing’s happening.


Do you mind? That’s a little juvenile for this community.


Look at all those jacket studs, she must be a hardcore gamer to play in leather.




I moved this to “general”, Meta is for topics revolving around, i.e. Forum layout, site functions, etc.


I’m afraid to actually click this at work now.


Thank you Tommy. I was hoping this would help us better understand what it means to be a “Mature” community, in general.


I cannot like this enough. I strive to be mature in all aspects of life.

Clicking again. Giggity.


You’re really pushing it today.


This is why I can’t stop thinking about Strats all day…




This is almost as good as sexy plastic.


Found on HOTS Logs. Really want to know if people play these games because of their delicious advertising.


You mean you don’t?