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I kinda prefer the way it is in Destiny. Rarity actually means something and you love what you get even more. The comic IS funny though hehe.

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I agree. It’s great finding drops in Borderlands and such, but if it happens to often, they lose their appeal. I’m int he hunt for legendary and exotics now, however it’s still awesome to come across a rare because it could genuinely be better than what I have now, and I don’t come across them to often still.

Borderlands 1 pearleciant farming was almost as bad as D3 set farming. With the number of folks already in good gear, I assert Destiny is the easiest to gear up in by far, regardless of perceived drop rates off MOBs

I’m certain that will change once more content is released. More content brings more weapons / amor, and I’m sure we’ll see a boost to our base levels at some point, which will lead to much more difficult raids and strikes requiring of course better gear.

Maybe, but based on how long the game has been out and, more importantly, hours invested, Destiny has beeen pretty cheese in my opinion.