May's Content Creator: Poosh!


Hello Strategists,

A while back I announced this little thing I’m going to start doing for people who are really making an effort to fill this forum with awesome content.

I’d like to thank @Poosh whose post Nightblade: DPS and Heals with Healing Staff is by far the #1 most clicked, read, and shared most on our forum. He’s contributed some other gems like the Craglorn VR Grinding post that we were all doing in TESO last week as well.

Join me in thanking @Poosh!

He will be getting a steam key that he can either use, give away, or even create his own Strats contest with at a raid or something.

He’ll be getting the oh-so-sweet-but-cheap little prize of…

Cosmic DJ!

Check it out at the official site. Cosmic DJ is a quick “pick-up and play” musical experience. It is appropriate for people of any musical competence and is meant to be a fun and new way for people to experience the joy of music creation. Create songs quickly and intuitively and save your jams for the world to hear!


congrats Poosh! keep up the good work!


Grats Poosh!


Poosh it! Bum bum bum Poosh it real good! *cheesey 80’s drum loop"




All hail Poosh!


congrats @Poosh