Me after work today




Ugh I’m so excited. I got it last night and fell asleep while it was unpacking. Then the game kept crashing and I finally got it to work, but had to go to class. Meh.

Work is going to go by SO SLOW.


If you weren’t unpacking it, what was, and why was it so slow to unpack? :o


Pre-installed it on steam. After it went live it decided it had more stuff to “unpack” for us. The timer started for 6 minutes for me and then jumped to like 12 hours or more at one point. It eventually settled itself and finished unpacking in around 15-20 minutes or so for me? Maybe not even that long. @W1thl0v3 bailed on hers because she was getting outrageous numbers and, apparently, she fell asleep xD


Meanwhile the console peasants just fired it right up and started playing.


Ah, unpacking as in the installation :stuck_out_tongue: