Meet Our New Puppy Ghost


This is our new puppy Ghost. He is a German Shepard. He is currently 3 months old and weighs 31 pounds.




He is adorable. He has gotten so big. His dad is 85 pounds. I want him to get that big.


Dude yes, I’ll be out early next year, and I’m looking at getting a puppy, I can’t freaking wait…


Ok we are going to breed him with my mom’s dog. She is a Dutch Shepherd.


Definitely let me know I’d love to see the pups.


asdfjbjkjlsdgbkasdg HES SO FUCKING CUTE OMG


Super cute man. I want a dog do bad but the wife wants nothing to do with pets. I want a corgi! I spend too much time on imgur


Love the name.


love dogs. the 5 i have wreak havok though. they are contagious. 1 leads to many :stuck_out_tongue: doesnt help the wifes a vet tech.


yeah, the name is perfect!


So much feels.

That 4th pic is so damn cute, looks so happy!!!


Seriously that puppy is too cute D:


I want. Can I haz?


Omg so cute! Congrats on your new addition.


Awww! Great looking pup!


1/10. Came here expecting a spectral canine.
Commas are important.


I need one more like to get the medal… :wink:

Edit: @teh_ninjaneer is the best.



I’m a cat guy. The things I do for you.


Beautiful dog!