Memorial Day Op, Double XP Weekend! [May 24th, 25th, & 26th]



Let’s do this! There’s a double xp weekend for this Memorial Day. Great time to have a big Planetside 2 event. I’m not sure who would lead it but I’m sure someone will step up as we have a few veteran PS2 players.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, it’s free to play so get it ready and set up an account, make a character. You can jump in immediately.

With enough people, we can roll some tanks in and really do some damage or we can load up in a Galaxy and drop down to take some points. I’d like to see us establish some good teamwork, e.g. Alpha team go to checkpoint Alpha, Bravo team go to B, etc. I’m not sure if we’ll have enough to have multiple teams in the platoon but I hope so.

Anyway, looking forward to it!


Def gonna play with you all for the x2 exp. Just don’t make me do more training with MajorDomo. :stuck_out_tongue:


Op consists of only raw tactical awesomeness to the max!


Hopefully, there will be a memorial day sale. some walkers/bulldogs on a Sunderer or Galaxy could probably help the squad get more awesome stuff done.


I’ve been playing during the mornings. My goal is to get a nice Sunderer in time for the op. Then a nice Lib. I absolutely love flying a Lib. Trying to figure out the best AA tail gun and AG gut gun.


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