Men with BEARDS


Hello fellas, new to the clan and very new to the forum…just wanted to offer my services and reach out to anyone who may find themselves in need of some beard oil. Below is a link to take a look, you can also order from there as well, also there is some other really cool “up-cycled” stuff on there we make…I will post a Facebook link also as we tend to do contests and giveaways…Be sure to stop by the page and give it a like.



I’ve been thinking about making myself some beard oil to go along with the soaps and lotions I already do.


I bought both of the oils he sells, I love them both. I never used beard oil before so I’m not really sure to expect, but I will say it makes me beard feel all nice and clean :smile:


If only I could beard :frowning:


When I eventually trim mine down I can save all the hair for you. I’m sure you could fashion it into a face wig.


Science the shiznit out of it, and it might be possible!