Mercenary Trade Run Thread!

Crafty inc has asked for help in doing a trade run. They will be helping us out with our own for gilda towards a galleon as soon as we set it up so lets try to give them a hand and maybe learn a little about gilda making. The trade run is taking place at 4pm EST Saturday the 27th. Contact in game is Jaysenpai so whisper him if you want to help our ally crafty inc!


Can do, I’ll be there!!

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Talked to Jaysenpai, he had internet issues yesterday. They are rescheduling for tomorrow (Monday) at 9pm eastern. He said they’re taking fabric packs. They only have 1 boat so hopefully we have 1 or 2 on that have boats. He estimated 10ish and I’m hoping we can match that. Should be a good run if we get some good numbers. Meeting at our farms in Karkasse around 9.

It should be noted that we can’t sail out of Karkasse.

I’ll be there, I suggest we get as many people as possible if they’re making an attempt at Freedich. That’s hostile territory and they have lvl 50s

I’m not sure where they plan on running to and I believe our farms was just a meeting place. Is the plan still for me to turn them all in for gilda?

I would say that’s the best move if our next goal is a Galieon

yeah gilda for madik 2014 is the current plan:D

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Okay, this thing is happening right now, so if you want some action hop on to ArcheAge quick.

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Please post their TS info.

Good luck guys!

To the bottom of the sea…

That bad? Details please:)

Someone drove the ship outside the boundaries. All of the trade packs dropped to the bottom of the ocean. We recovered most of them, but we had to break them down, so we lost 10% of everything recovered.

Crafty was cool about everything, and we’re going to try again sometime. But it was a sad move, and we should have known better.

I recommend going out of Cinderstone next time, as there’s less chance of getting caught up in that mess. Or at least make sure whomever is driving knows the waters there and can make sure not to drive over the line.

or Dewstone, the waters off the coast of cinderstone are never very friendly.

I’m proposing Ezna to to Austera runs until we get a little higher level. It’s a very short run, and friendly at both ends.

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Ezna to Crescent Throne might be good as well, just a quick hop across the gulf on clipper.