[Metal Gear Online] Strats [PS4] (PVX)



Strats [STCO]

Is the extension of Strats in Metal Gear Online.


Infiltrator - Do you want to make someone wet themselves? Then this is the perfect choice for you. The infiltrator excels at getting behind enemy lines, thanks to their stealth camouflage, and cause havoc within the enemy teams defenses.

  • Special Item : Stealth Camo : Level 1 you are granted access to the stealth camo device. The device renders the user invisible for a while. Level 2 makes the recharge rate noticably faster compared to its Level 1 version. Level 3, the final rank, allows you to remain undetected from NVG that the scouts later unlock. Warning: Although invisible it will not hide things such as shadows so be weary of bright places and you “can be seen” if you make movements as you will appear as some sort of blur. Patience is key when using this item.

Scout - Do you want to make someone jump behind cover, fearing your deadly gaze? Then this is the pick for you. The scout excels at gathering information, providing map awareness to other teammates across the map ; did I mention you’d be perfect for sniping people, cause you would be.

Enforcer - Do you want to lead the charge? . . .and actually run over people with your riot shield like some unstoppable force? Then choose this class. The enforcer excels at having heavy power and defense, even capable of surviving damage that the other classes would be incapable of doing.

(More info will be updated here)


  • Alex Falkor - Commander

(More info will be updated here when released)

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It’s a permission restriction based on the forum trust levels; @teh_ninjaneer got you hooked up (cheers for that) :wink:


When does MGS Online start?


@dr_body_dropper - It starts on October 6th :slight_smile:


Nice. I just started this game yesterday. Quit possibly the best opening in a game I have ever seen


Glad you enjoy it. Really wish you could’ve played the other Metal Gear Solid games. The 4th one to me is still my top-one. Despite it not being open world, the story behind it was grand and the ending for it was just a huge huge huge moment for me.


I hadn’t seen this somehow. Awesome. Let’s do it. :thumbsup:


@AlexFalkor I played them all except for 4. lol. I started 4 and I didnt really like it, and I think I was too busy to play it. I should rent it.


Do it! Yeah it might feel slow at first but if you really want the full experience you really got to “feel” for Solid Snake and his situation. The combat was also improved because it was the first Metal Gear Solid game with an actual crouch feature that also allowed you to move.


I have a feeling I’m going to get stomped on lol. Last time I played MGO it took a while to adjust to. So used to regular FPS, and when you ADS in this game it takes a bit getting used to. So pumped for tomorrow!!


I might get stomped as well, what with it being different then the previous MGO but overtime we will get better.




Updating MGO right now!..Ah screw sleep. I was planning on staying up 24+hr’s to stream this anyway!


Dang, I wish I could have, stupid work. I swear working does nothing for me. Lol. @AlexFalkor how is it?


Thinking about buying this today, is it worth it?


The single player is worth the $60 alone in my opinion. I love being sneaky or saying eff it and coming in guns blazing. The game play is top notch. I haven’t even seen any bugs.


As @ducksauce88 said, the single player alone is a lot of great content for your money. Online is a bonus.


I’ll be on MGO as soon as I get home around 5pm est and streaming it. Would love to team up if anyone else from strats is on playing it.


Soon friend! I’m stuck on a trip to Florida this week.


I’ll also be getting on around 5:00p.m. I’m cooking up some pasta, bought myself a 12pack (of mountain dew ;D), and Dunkin donuts coffee so I can stay up for more then 24hours streaming this.