Metal Gear Solid V (Online Squad/Team)



So with October coming up really soon. I was wondering if any strats teammates would like to join me when the Online update hits the game.

I’d also make the clan name, Strats. (Unless someone else on the forums decided to do so first ^_^)

Mind you I have played all the Metal Gear Solid game (Except for the two that were on the NES) and I’ve played a good portion of the previous Online version that was released with Metal Gear Solid 4. So if people need any training or help when the update comes, let me know and we can make a Training Room. (I’ll assume there is going to be one because the previous Metal Gear Online did) .


What system? (I don’t know because you don’t tag your posts :wink: )


I currently have it for the Playstation 4.

Oh woops my bad XP


I’m down then. I actually order MGSV for PS4 yesterday and it should arrive today. If you’re interested in leading the Strats clan, I don’t think anyone else has really stepped up yet so go for it. You’ll need to make an epic clan thread in Guilds & Clans.

Can a clan be set up yet or do we have to wait for the Online patch?


Currently I’ve seen no name reservations for Clans. Day 1 will basically be, “First Come, First Served”. You wont regret it. Really good game with tons of content with just the single player alone. I don’t know many gun games that can make it last for more then 50+ hours of content with no multiplayer.

If I recall I could even pass ownership of the clan to someone else if I see them doing a better job (I think this was possible in MGS4 but its been a very long time).

Alright then! I’ll try to make a good Guild & Clans thread. May take me a while xD


If you get stuck, @Auth, @Dynamible, @DrizztDo_Urden69, and others are all good resources. Also I think @teh_ninjaneer expressed an interest in a Strats MGS clan so maybe you guys can work on it together?


I bought the game with the intention of playing multiplayer primarily. With my limited play time and knack for bouncing around games I don’t think I would be a good candidate for any sort of leader, though. But I’ll be happy to put my riot shield in front of you.


@Vocino - Oh alright =) If i need any advice i’ll be sure to hit one of them up.

@teh_ninjaneer - I gotcha, well it will still be nice playing with you and thanks, i might need your shield’s services :smile:


Stupid question time…is this patch for the new metal gear solid V: the phantom pain? or is it a total different game? sorry dont know much about the series but i did buy MGS V: phantom pain but havent played it yet.


I’m so in. I just finished the main story (Chapter 1) and played a bunch of FOB online missions. I’ve played all main MGS except the handheld ones.

Just watched the video that was posted here a few days ago. I’m so amped!


The upcoming Metal Gear Online in October is for The Phantom Pain.


I’m not sure what the format is going to be but it would be cool to mirror the Destiny clan in having [STCO] if call letters/tags are required and clan name “Strats”.


Let me know if I can help in any way. Two of the main things to focus oh right out the gate will be recruiting and making a clan page in the forums. Just let me know what I can help with. You can PM me anytime.


You already know that I’m down!

We were talking about this on my stream the other day.

Count me in! :smile:


Yes! So glad you’re on board @simplyundrea.


Patch? You mean the last PS4 update? Yeah. It was supposed to fix some things, including the Quiet glitch.

Absolutely! I’ve been waiting for a chance to game with ya’ll. :blush:


@Droul - No question is really stupid :smile: . I can understand why you might have been confused because of how Metal Gear Solid Ground Zero was separate from the main game itself.

@JohnOnTheRocks - Awesome! Good to see another player who has played them all, minus the handheld :smile:

@Vocino - If everyone can agree on it then I don’t see why not :slight_smile:

@Dynamible - You can do either one! I’m just glad you want to help out

@simplyundrea - :sunny: Sweet =) Glad to have you on board.

FYI - Metal Gear Online isn’t going to be done through a “normal patch”. On October 6th you will need to go into the Playstation Store and there will be a free DLC for the Online version. Just wanted to point that out in case some where not aware :slight_smile:


Count me in on this one too! Die hard MG/MGS fan here. Can’t wait for this next week!


Very much looking forward to this. Who else is on PS4?


Guys & Girls, don’t forget to add your PSN. I’ll need it in order to add you to the Squad and in order to obviously play with you xD