Metal Gear Survive is Charging $10 for a Second Save Slot



Apparently Metal Gear Survive (MGS) is making users spend in-game currency (which costs about $10 to purchase) to unlock a second save slot.
Nowhere in the article does it say whether or not you can acquire this currency by playing the game, but if not it seems pretty brutal.

What do the rest of you strategists think?



My first question is: Why do I need a second save slot?


Maybe you like to save your progress in muliple spots as you go along in case you want to go back?
Maybe you have a kid who wants to play their own character?

I’m sure there’s lots of reasons people like to have multiple saves.


In stealth games like MGS, save slots are a critical mechanic. Especially when you’re trying to do a full-stealth playthrough, for example.




But in all reality this is Konami at its bear essentials, milk any love people have for its series until its bone dry


I never finished the last Metal Gear. The games have lost something and it feels like just nostalgia at this point.


I wonder what it could be…hmm…



Besides doing a full-stealth “tryhard” run through, this is kind of in a weird gray area. I see it as cosmetic, considering I would only use 1 save file, but I also don’t really care that much (stopped at Snake Eater).

The real question. Is this worse or better than Battlefront 2’s MTX?


My opinion as someone who hasn’t looked into that game for a second and doesn’t know how it works as a whole, I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to it charging extra for a save slot.

As long as it wasn’t a 40€ release that’s basically recycling assets from an already existing product.