Metroid Prime Trilogy Save Hack



Not sure how many of you have a Wii U here, but the Metroid Prime Trilogy was released today on the Wii U as a digital download. I think right now it’s only $10, and it’s well worth every penny (seeing as how hard copies were still going for upwards of $30 or better). I’m not a huge fan of the Prime series as I don’t really care for FPS games, but there’s no denying that these games still have the magic of their predecessors.

One thing that became very aware to me is that there was a feature that was only accessible via the online functionality of the Wii. These were friend vouchers, and you were basically entitled to give your friends on your flist some to unlock some really cool features (screenshots, dioramas, etc.). Well, since Nintendo shut that down on the Wii, there’s no real way to get them.

Fortunately for us, the internet is so smart and they had a solution posted in this thread:

Scroll through the OP’s first entry and you’ll find a hyperlink to the save download (which is hosted on GameFAQs) and the instructions on how to push it to your game. It makes each blank save file have 15 Friend Vouchers, which is exactly what you need to purchase all of the features.



I recommend anyone with a WiiU to pick this up, it is easily one of the best deals you can get content wise. I stupidly paid $50 for the Prime Trilogy back in the summer, but even then it was worth the price. I never had a Gamecube and missed out on the first two, but they are well worth trying, even if it’s just for the first Prime. Thanks for the share Peter, I had no idea you could unlock things through the online functionality.


Yeah, MP3 specifically had a voucher system that allowed you to earn vouchers both in game, and from friends online. Since there is no more online, you can only earn the in-game content, which isn’t nearly as cool.